Soft close one button quick release
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Metal adjustable soft close quick release hinge


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Quick release

Quick release system meets primarily the hygienic function. With one or two buttons in a quick and easy way we can take off a toilet seat from the hinge, which allows you to thoroughly clean the entire toilet, in hard to access places.
Cleaning takes a while, and the result is a shiny, clean toilet.
If the quick release and easy cleaning is your priority, we offer several toilet seats with this hygienic function.

Soft close

Soft Close – a silent closing system for the toilet seats
Toilet seats with this function means silent and smooth closing of the seats onto the ceramics. This function brings a quiet luxury in everyday life.
In addition to improving the noise level, the toilet seats with the soft close system are also practical and hygienic as they reduce a need to touch the toilet seat.

Hinge material


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