The KASKADA 3-piece bathroom set, made of polypropylene with IML print, includes a universal-shaped toilet seat that fits many standard sanitary ceramics on the market. The set also consists of a toilet paper holder and a container with a WC brush. There are 13 different label designs to choose from.


The KASKADA toilet seat with IML print features an adjustable stainless steel hinge that is quickly closing. It has a bottom elastomer pad to prevent sliding on porcelain, two elastomer bumpers on the lid, and four bumpers on the seat. The seat is mounted from the bottom of the ceramic using polypropylene screws with an eccentrically shaped head. Additionally, the set includes a toilet paper holder with IML print and a container with a WC brush, both suitable for floor placement.

Min. Spacing of hinges: 124 mm

Max. Spacing of hinges: 178 mm

Additional information

Weight 1360 g
Dimensions 427 × 360 × 42 mm






Materiał odbojników


Materiał zawiasów



bottom mounted


Wash the toilet seat with soap and water. Do not use detergents containing solvents or abrasives. Do not use sponges with an abrasive surface. To remove dirt, use a mild, general-purpose washing liquid.


Sanit-Plast gives a 2-year warranty on all toilet seats. In case of material or manufacturing defect that will appear in the toilet seat within 2 years from the date of purchase with normal use, Sanit-Plast will repair or replace the defective toilet seat for a new product suitable for use. The product warranty is valid upon presentation of proof of purchase of the toilet seat.
The product should be used as intended.
Complaints are not subject to defects and damage resulting from improper transport, storage, assembly and use.