About Us

The Sanit-Plast is a manufacturer of plastic products, family company with twenty-years tradition. We are in Poland the biggest manufacturer of toilet seats of polypropylene and, as the only company on domestic market, of duroplast.

There are in our offer 40-ty types of toilet seats. (Polypropylene, Duroplast, Family, IML Print, Baby toilet seats and toilet accesories)

Our products are made out of polypropylene of polish company Orlen – Basell. Our toilet seats are available in various price segment depending on customer’s needs.

Sanit-Plast has a modern machine park equipped with an injection section. The company has also its own line for internal recycling of thermoplastics materials and a half automated packaging.

In 2014, Sanit-Plast decided to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. For this purpose, energy-intensive hydraulic injection molding machines have been replaced with their energy-saving hybrid models.

Hybrid injection molding machines are equipped with an intelligent energy management system, they give 30% savings in energy consumption. In addition, photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 40 KW have been installed with the support of EU funds, about 20% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources – solar energy. In the near future, expansion of the panel system is planned for installations with a capacity of another 80 KW.


  • we have our own tooling ( equipped with machining center ) and design office,
  • we have our own printing house, thanks to which, we are able to design packages on individual demand,
  • we are able to put permanently a customer’s logo on our products,
  • we have large capacity of production, logistic, big warehouse and our own international transport.

We produce, as the only, all our products with the addition of antibacterial agent (silver-based additives)

Our toilet seats are available with different types of hinges: regular plastic and metal, soft close plastic and metal of stainless steel and soft close metal hinge with quick release function.

The products are packed in very aesthetic packings. The Sanit-Plast cooperates with such producers of sanitary ceramic like: Cersanit , Kolo, Roca, Proton Production(Radom) and Lecico.

Our trumps are:






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